Is there something I should be doing? and Shinsekai Yori wallpaper


Yes studying and yet I photoshop, watch anime and read manga AND this is what I managed to make in 4 hours:

saki wall1920

I am proud of myself that I finally managed to make a wallpaper. I tend to only vector, because it is more fun but it is nothing I can use myself other than staring at it and feeling self satisfaction. Of course I vectored Saki first so here it is:

ep 9 shinsekai yori

Today I also saw the newest episode of Shinsekai Yori also called From the New World. Episode number 11 is one of the better episodes so far, mainly due to the one spiritual scene. What makes Shinsekai Yori so good is the feeling and the themes it brings up, for example dis utopia, utopia and growing up. You should go watch it whenever you have time, because I would say that this is one of the best shows of this anime season, its only rival being Psyco-Pass. Might not be for you who dislike ”serious business” stories.

This story sets in the distant future where all humans have supernatural abilities called ”Cantus” if you watch UTW or ”Juryoku” if you decide to watch this anime somewhere else. The protagonists are five kids called Saki, Satoru, Maria, Mamoru, and Shun and they grow up and live in a peaceful town which can be seen as an utopia but this tranquil town and the current human society has its dark secrets.

I am sorry for my really shitty paragraphing but I am not really sure how I otherwise should do it. I myself know the feeling of reading loooong paragraphs and it is neither comfortable or fun. You might see in the corner of the wallpaper or maybe you actually read the text on the vector that I have an animepaper and a deviantart account. If you like the pieces of art that I have created do not hesitate to pay a visit me on those two sites, because I have a ”bunch” (probably only 5 each) of other stuff over there.


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